JP Enterprise (an E-commerce start-up) is founded by Jyoti Patel at the age of 21, JP Enterprise is committed to provide its customers with the best quality products and exceptional service. In the year 2019, JP Enterprise has started its services by selling highly-rated inspirational Books; with the support of its customers and well-wishers, JP Enterprise is expanding its selection, reach and popularity.

Are you a published Author who is trying to sell on Ecommerce platforms? Are you struggling to get sales history of your books from your publisher? Your struggle should end here. JP Enterprise, a registered top book seller on Amazon opens gates to invite authors/publishers to list their products on Amazon through JP Enterprise.

JP Enterprise is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

What does JP Enterprise do to your products?

  1. We will create a comprehensive catalogue for your products and list on Amazon.
  2. Add super high quality pictures to your products (HD images to be shared by the product owner)
  3. SEO Keyword Management
  4. Sponsored Product Management (additional charges to be paid upfront, JP Enterprise will not guarantee sales)


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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Books sent to JP Enterprise will not be returned back to the owner. Note: Product eligibility test (ISBN Qualification) to be performed by JP Enterprise before finalizing the contract.
  2. All dues to be paid before contract start date.
  3. Shipping charges to be borne by the product owner.
  4. SEO Keywords (optional) and Images to be shared by the product owner.


  1. INR 200/-, a one-time payment with no end date.
  2. SEO Keyword update charges, INR 99/- only.
  3. Image update Charges, INR 49/- only.