Sensation of a soul

Despite their contrasting personas, two people get conjoined and manifest that true love stories never have finales; and a women’s fingers fling away from the keypad at the very instant of reading startling news. A man founds himself standing in silence amidst talks, unable to react to the love of his life. A couple never praises each other until someday; a guy always prefers to look up at the sky and think enormously about his darling’s life and death.

In the book Sensation of a Soul, there are some of the most sorrowful poems and thought provoking stories. The affecting poems and captivating stories in this book share the theme of relationship, adoration, passion, love, hope, faith, desire, dreams, and life. The inner meanings are more profound than the words used in this splendid and awe-inspiring book. SOAS is sure to touch the hearts of many readers.

Sensation of a Soul brings out the best moments of one’s life, encourages people to evaluate their inner selves, and to look at the world around them with advanced eyes.


the mystic soul

The Mystic Soul will have you laughing, crying, and occasionally scare you. Most of the poems and micro tales in the book will make you go WOW.

Once you finish reading the amazingly penned down poetry, this book has a bunch of little stories to entertain you until the last word.

The stories in TMS covered all the topics that we would have witnessed or experienced in our life. The Mystic Soul hits you emotionally; there are various characters, twists, and suspense elements in the book.

The Mystic Soul takes you to a completely different world, to another era of life. This unique book will make a reader go through an emancipating experience as they read. The Mystic Soul is not just a book; it is an experience of love, heartbreaks, struggles, dreams, and life altogether.


Whispers of The Soul

Whispers of the Soul is a collection of poetry and prose about life. This book is the experience of abuse, loss, and death. Each poem in the book serves a different purpose. There are poems that deal with immense pain and there are words to heal an aching heart.

Whispers of the Soul has beautifully written poems to explore, they're free-flowing and musical with rhyming. There is a deep tone to all the poems, and they have the power to generate emotions and enhance the ideas well.

Whispers of the Soul takes the readers through a journey of falling, rising, and blooming. This splendid book is a celebration of joy, love, hate, and everything in-between.


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The Curved Rainbow

From the Bestselling Author of 3 Books comes The Curved Rainbow, an illustrated collection of genuine, peculiar, and passionate poems.

The Curved Rainbow is a poetry book that encompasses growth, heartbreak, hate, and finding love. One can easily feel the wild and tender voice from beginning to end. And if there is love in every part of you, you will not get enough of The Curved Rainbow.

Jyoti Patel's poetry celebrates human feelings in their unrefined form. Prepare yourself to be smitten by the poems of despair, overcoming, empowerment, and survival.


The Forest of Feelings

The Forest of Feelings is a collection of poems that gives attention to boundless topics; this book has poetry about love, women, strength, and beauty.

Some of the poems are for those who love too deeply, some of them are for those who break too quickly and easily. Through this book, the author confronts the role of women in relation to subjects including feminism, marriage, violence, sexuality, and healing.

Jyoti Patel writes with her own, unrepeated & modish style, sealed with a classic twist. The Forest of Feelings is a must-read poetry book with lots of illustrations for all the birds of passage.


ANAMIKA: Beyond Words

From the Bestselling Author of 5 Books comes a new illustrated collection of intense, unusual, and passionate poems. A breathtakingly beautiful, deep, and touching collection of poetry and prose offering strong insights into relationships, heartbreak, love, and self-empowerment, there are also poems of envy, betrayal, and revenge.

In a distinctive style, Jyoti writes about attachment & detachment, on being lost & found. Through this book, Poet touches on the subjects of loss, pain, abandonment, depression, and religion; some of the most beautiful thoughts on love have been expressed in Anamika.

Anamika is full of inspirations and an adventure into the greatest unknown. Jyoti's young remarkable voice with power and depth can be heard throughout, this is a unique poetry book that will leave you smiling and in tears altogether.