aBOUT the author

aBOUT the author


Jyoti Patel, aged 22, is an Young Indian Author with 6 Bestselling Books:

I. Sensation of a Soul

II. The Mystic Soul

III. Whispers of the Soul

IV. The Curved Rainbow

V. The Forest of Feelings

VI. Anamika

Jyoti is World Record Holder, A Global Goodwill Ambassador. She is a Blogger, a Poetess and has contributed to many anthology books. She is an ardent lover of western and classical music. Jyoti enjoys reading, cooking, painting and volunteering. She is a Music, Photography and Travel enthusiast.


a) JP Enterprise, an E-commerce start-up

 b) JP Consultancy Services, an online consultancy services start-up for aspiring writers 

c) Resume Corner, start-up catering needs of young individuals in building world-class resumes.

Jyoti has previously worked for various organizations from different sectors; she was the core team member of ‘Yes! I Am Happy’ (an organization working for the welfare of children from humble background), ‘Writer’s Rescue Center’ (a not-for-profit organization that assists people who are experiencing mental health problems.

It encourages and assists such people to write down their thoughts as a form of therapy) and ‘Council for Transforming India – CTI’ (a youth-run non-governmental org working on promoting ideas & ideals of holistic development and transformation of the nation)
Jyoti Patel is a recipient of various awards, such as, ‘Influential Author 2018’ ‘Author of the Year 2019’ ‘Genius Indian Achiever Award 2019’ & ‘She Inspires 2020’ to name a few. Jyoti is currently working on her 7th book, which is expected to release in the first-half of 2021.